[Tex/LaTex] Installing LaTeX on Macbook Pro


I have recently bought Macbook Pro and want to install LaTeX. I am using TeXstudio, but I need to install MiKTeX which I was using earlier in Windows. Please suggest what to install as an alternative to MiKTeX for my Mac.

Best Answer

The cheapest, most stable, most popular option is (as Paulo says) to install MacTeX. It is downloadable as an all-in-one package file (.pkg); just double-click and you're good to go.

MacTeX comes with a few editors, namely TUG's TeXworks and the acclaimed TeXShop, but you can also get TeXstudio for Mac as well.

You will find that, as OS X is a UNIX-based environment, working with TeXnology may prove to be a little simpler than doing so under Windows.