[Tex/LaTex] Insert tables and graph from Excel


I'm writing a report in LaTeX and I'm using excel to calculate, make graphs and tables. What would you recommend me to do to import it to latex?

I have tried taking print-screen and import as figures, but if the image scale isn't 100% it gets blurry and ugly.

I've been trying to export, print and save selected area as pdf. But no matter what I try, it exports with selected paper size. So it has a huge margin and I think it would take to much time to make a custom paper size for each figure.

Any thoughts?

Best Answer

For tables you can use Excel2Latex or Csv2Latex. Excel to latex sometimes has a weird bug, where it inserts an invisible character. So I prefer the latter. Some editors also have an option to insert csv as a latex table.

For figures you can install ASAP-utility which will allow you to save your figures as a image (.png, .jpg or .esp). You can then insert them in your .tex file with \includegraphics{}