[Tex/LaTex] Insert a symbol at the end of line

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I want to insert a symbol (\Box) at the end of the line.

Best Answer

Simply use \hfill before \Box:


Edit: To clarify a bit regarding the comments: this simple command is intended as an answer to the simple question, how to insert a symbol at the end of the line.

The mentioned \Box may lead to the assumption, that the question might be about a proof. The highly upvoted comment of TH. still awaits an answer by the questioner. In the case of a proof it's strongly recommended to use

  • amsthm with its proof environment, mentioned by TH., daleif, and Barbara, or

  • ntheorem with proper placement of such endmarks even after a displayed math environment or a list.

The answers to Theorem packages: which to use, which conflict? can help in deciding which to use.

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