[Tex/LaTex] Indentation of footnotes


my publisher requires me to indent my footnote text by 6mm (not counting the preceding number). Additionally the footnotenumber must not be superscripted.
The partial solution stems from here, but I am unable to control the distance between number and text in the footmark. Footnotemargin seems to be a wrong idea.

In short I need:

  • Footnote text indented by 6mm, equal to quote/paragraph identation
  • Footnote number not superscripted in footnote
  • Footnote number aligned with left margin

Help is much appreciated.

Example of the alignment


%Quotes need to be indented by 6mm on the left side. preceded and followed by half a blank line.
\usepackage[leftmargin = 6mm, rightmargin = 0mm, vskip = 17pt, indentfirst =false, font = eightpt]{quoting}

%Footnote not superscripted

%spacing for footnote

        This is a quote, 6mm identation on the left side.


    Text with footnote here\footnote{Footnote text with same identation as quotes, the number not superscripted and aligned with left margin.}


Best Answer

In your code replace




The first one sets your length fnBreite to the width of the usual footnote mark, so you get no gap between the mark and the text of the foot note.

The second one sets your length to 6mm, so that the mark is set left-aligned in a 6mm box, which I think is what you were trying to do.

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