[Tex/LaTex] Increment the section number with 1, not 0.1

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I'm happy with the logical layout of my document, but the section numbering is bugging me.

I'd like the first section (the introduction) to be 1, not 1.1. Also, the second section should be 2, not 1.2 (yes, that's a one, like it is still the introduction). I'm getting something wrong, obviously. (I also want sections beginning at the top of a new page, and page numbering should start with the introduction, if you wonder about the other stuff I had to put in the document header. But those things work.)

Any other suggestions are welcome, of course.

% x.tex

\documentclass[a4paper, twoside, draft, 12pt]{report}

\usepackage[pdftex, final]{graphicx}





% some stuff here




% first section - should have number 1, but have 1.1


% subsection - should be 1.1, is 1.1.1

\section{The algorithm}

% new section - number is 1.2, should be 2



With the article solution, it suddenly looks like this here and there. Otherwise, it works.


Best Answer

Your used document class report starts sectioning with \chapter. Thats the reason where your 0. comes from. Change \section to \chapter or use document class article.

The big chunks of white space, especially in the table of contents of your changed MWE (to class article), you can solve with macro \raggedbottom in your preamble. The problem is that LaTeX stretches the white space between headings and paragraphs. It often ocurs with less text. With \raggedbottom LaTeX has not to place the last line of the page always on the same place.