[Tex/LaTex] incompatibilities between babel[french] and KOMA-Script classes


The compilation of

\documentclass{scrreprt} %or with any other KOMA-Script classes, like scrartcl

leads to a warning in the console:

Package frenchb.ldf Warning: The definition of \@makecaption has been changed,
(frenchb.ldf)                frenchb will NOT customise it;

After test, the problem doesn't occur with ngerman, english, and some other languages that I have tested.

The question is: is this warning important? And if yes, what can we do to avoid this problem?

Best Answer

The warning occurs because the french option for babel redefines how captions are made, as traditional French typography uses a different style to English documents. However, KOMA-Script also uses it's own version of the captioning system, with more flexibility than the LaTeX kernel version. Personally, I'd use the KOMA-Script interface and not worry about the warning.

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