[Tex/LaTex] Including additional bibliography (publication list) in thesis


I have seen Multiple bibliographies (cited references + list of publications) and How can I include a bibliography at the end of each part of a book? but could find an answer.

I am writing a thesis where there is an overall bibliography. Plus, I want to make a separate list of my own publications. I tried exactly this: http://memming.isloco.com/ but somehow a bibliography list is not created. Can you please tell, how can I make a separate publication list.

I am using university provided thesis, which includes natbib, so I am not sure if I can use other packages.

Best Answer

I would make a seperate LaTeX document for it, and then just include the resulting bibliography. You second document, let's say myrefs.tex might look like this:

% whatever you need here, basically a good idea is to use your real thesis header
Hello world!

Now you compile this by standard sequence latex+bibtex+latex+latex. In your real thesis you add the following:

\def\refname{List of my Publications}
\def\bibname{List of my Publications}

This should add the bibliography from the second document into the first one, and the name of the chapter/section should be List of my Publications. Note that we could surely omit one of the two almost identical lines, and change \def to \renewcommand in the one we keep, but since different classes use \refname or \bibname, we better keep both lines to make things work robustly.