[Tex/LaTex] \includemedia does not play video but remains blank


I would like to have a video in my pdf that plays when you click on it. When the video is not playing it should show a figure. When I compile my pdf I do get a figure that I can click on, but it turns blank when I click on it, and no video plays. I don't get any errors either. This is my code:

\usepackage{media9} %this is specified somewhere at the start of the file

\includemedia[label=videofile, width=1.0\textwidth, addresource=./Videos/videofile.mp4,

Best Answer

Your video file seems to be corrupt/using the wrong video codec. I successfully tried your example with file random.mp4 (h.264 codec) from the media9 package.

Note, that with the current configuration, on clicking once, VPlayer.swf will be activated only. To have the video start playing after one click, you must append &autoPlay=true to the flashvars option. Alternatively, you could put activate=pageopen to the options list of \inlcudemedia. Then, VPlayer.swf will be automatically activated showing the first frame of the video file and obscuring the embedded poster graphics file. The first click will start playback.

Further note that one of the width options (\includegraphics or \inlcudemedia) is redundant.

The label option is only needed if you want to refer to this media inclusion from a \PushButton with JavaScript or a \medialink (soon to come).