[Tex/LaTex] I just want to write \Sha without ruining everything


I realize similar questions have been asked before but I am not satisfied with any of the answers I've seen. I would like to use the Cyrillic letter Ш to denote a particular group in mathematics. Most solutions involve using OT2 or T2A encoding; for example, at http://math.berkeley.edu/~vojta/tex/samp-l/sha.html. However, this makes the other text in the document look bad.

For example, using the solution above, I get

enter image description here

while I would like to have

enter image description here

The first seems to be shaded strangely and the characters don't seem to align right.

Does anyone know how I can write the character Ш (in math mode) without changing the default font for the rest of the text?

Best Answer

for someone who wants to use just one or two cyrillic letters in math, in a computer modern setting, the old wncy fonts are still distributed in tex live as part of the amsfonts collection, in type 1 format. (but they don't require use of the amsfonts package.)

this is the recommendation in the ams author faq.

I want to use some cyrillic letters for math variables, but there isn't any LaTeX support for cyrillic in the AMSfonts packages. How do I do it?

The following four lines will load the upright cyrillic font and define \Sh to access the letter "Sha".


The location of a cyrillic letter in the wncyr font can be found by looking at the chart in the AMSFonts User's Guide or at a font chart created by TeXing the file testfont.tex (included in every TeX system).

the user's guide can be accessed with texdoc amsfonts or texdoc amsfndoc.

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