[Tex/LaTex] I can’t find file `tikzlibraryarrows.spaced.code.tex’. \usetikzlibrary{arrows.spaced}


I have received a Tex document which I am trying to compile, and I keep getting the error

I can't find file `tikzlibraryarrows.spaced.code.tex'. \usetikzlibrary{arrows.spaced}

The document preamble contains :


Does anyone know how can I solve this? Is it a package which i have to install?
I am using Miktex on a Windows7 Machine.

Following the comments from @HarishKumar and @Zarko, I tried to install missing packages (although my Miktex is configured to install missing packages on the fly). Here is a screen shot of it now:
enter image description here

After installation, I tried to update using the update(Admin) and there were no updates available, and the error message is still the same!

Best Answer

I just managed to solve the problem by updating as an admin and as a normal user. I was doing it before only as Admin and this wasn't anough.

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