[Tex/LaTex] Huge empty space


I'm a beginner at using LaTeX and I keep getting weird behaviours. For example, on the image below, I get so much empty space. Why is that ? How can I remove it ?

enter image description here

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Please in future post code that we can copy (preferably a complete document) rather than a screenshot of code, however..

You are using \FloatBarrier so the float can not float further forward past the next section title, the image is clipped but I suspect that you already have top floats on that page up to the number allowed by your document class so the float can not go at the top. By default h floats are not allowed, which leaves b bottom float as the only possibility to be tried before p which would cause an extra page to be issued with just the float.

probably in this case using \begin{figure}[!htp] will make things look better

! says to ignore numeric constraints (so it will probably go in the top area)

htp allow here, top and page floats and disallow b bottom.

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