[Tex/LaTex] href to an image label – how to jump to the image instead of the caption below the image


I'm using the following command to embed images in my LaTeX document (which is then rendered as PDF)

      \caption[#4]{\label{img.#1} #3}

When creating a href to an image, the viewer jumps to the image caption instead of the top of the image. How do I change my \img command so it still puts the caption below the image but links to it jump to the image itself?

Best Answer

  1. You can load the package caption. The default setting is hypcap=true.
  2. If you don't load the package caption, you can load the package hypcap. It is important that the package is loaded after hyperref. You can load hypcap with the option all. In this case hypcap has an influence on all float environments. You can limit it to figures by setting the option figure.