[Tex/LaTex] How to write Superexponents


How do I write stacked up exponents? For example, I tried doing $2^2^65533$ and it yelled at me 🙁

I know about \uparrow but it's not what I am looking for.

Best Answer

If you nest several super/subscripts, you should disambiguate the writing since it is not clear (for LaTeX) if you want to write (2^2)^65533 or 2^(2^65533).
You should therefor use curly brackets around the argument of the power function for having an unequivocal notation.

In your case, you should write $2^{2^{65533}}$

enter image description here

(note that $2^{2^65533}$ is also ok, since it is already unequivocal)

The right use of the exponent function is ^{<argument>} (e.g. $e^{i\pi}$).
However, if your argument is one character-long only, you can use the shorthand ^<argument> (i.e. without curly brackets, e.g. $2^4$). Thus, you cannot write $2^{2^65533}$, even if it's mathematically unequivocal.