[Tex/LaTex] How to write $\notin$ backwards


I write $P \niton x$, but it does not work. How can I write the symbol $\notin$ backwards?

Best Answer

After consulting The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List a few fonts provide such a symbol:

  • txfonts, newtxmath and pxfonts have $\notni$.
  • mathabx has $\notowner$ and $\varnotowner$
  • MnSymbol has $\nowns$
  • mathdesign has a small version $\notsmallowns$, but no normal sized one.
  • kpfonts has $\notowns$

Note however that using one of these packages changes the complete font set. Of course you can rip this single symbol from a font that has it, let's try with $\notni$ from txfonts, surrounded by Latin Modern:

$x \notin P \notniFromTxfonts x$

but the result is not convincing:


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