[Tex/LaTex] How to write formulas in arabic letters and numbers


How can I write formulas in Arabic letters and numbers, is there any package or some sort of template to do so.

Hint: I am new to Latex.

Best Answer

I would recommend you use XeLaTeX and the package arabxetex. Here is a MWE to get you started.

\newfontfamily{\arabicfont}[Script=Arabic,Scale=1.5]{Traditional Arabic}
\chapter*{\textarab[utf]{ مدرسة الخوارزمي }}
\section*{\textarab[utf]{   قراءة المنحنيات    }}
\textbf{التمرين 1}:
$f$ دالة عددية و $\mathcal{C}_f$ منحناها البياني. إليك جدول تغيراتها
\[\begin{tabvar}{|C|CCCCLCRCCCC|} \hline
x &-\infty & &0 & & & & & & 1 & &+\infty
\\ \hline
f'(x) & &- & \barre{} &- & &\dbarre & &- & \barre{0} &+ &
\\ \hline
&\niveau{3}{3}+\infty &\decroit
&\barre{0} &\decroit
&-\infty &\dbarre &\niveau{3}{3}+\infty &\decroit
&\barre{\frac{3}{2}} &\croit
\\ \hline
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