[Tex/LaTex] How to write a latex fraction without a bar?


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I'm trying to write a math formula like this:

\sum_{ \frac{n=0}{(n+k-i) \text{~even}} }^{k-i}

This looks just as I want it, but I don't want the bar between n=0 and (n+k-i) text.

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I tried using the matrix env,

\sum_{ \begin{matrix}{n=0}\\{(n+k-i) \text{~even}}\end{matrix} }^{k-i}

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But that looks really bad, because the (n+k-i) text is too large.

Best Answer



\sum_{\substack{n=0\\ (n+k-i)~\mathrm{even}}}^{k-i}

maybe this is what you want to achieve.