[Tex/LaTex] How to use symbols such as \delta and \lambda


I'm trying to use symbols such as \lambda and \delta but for some reason it's not compiling. I've reproduced the problem in the following code:




M = < X,Y,S,ta, \delta int, \delta ext, \lambda >



I'm getting the following errors:

Missing $ inserted M = < X,Y,S,ta, \delta

Missing $ inserted I've inserted a begin-math/end-math symbol since I think

Missing } inserted I've inserted something that you may have forgotten.
Extra }, or forgotten \endgroup

Despite these errors, I can still view it in a PDF and it looks like the following:

The output of above code

So, just to clarify what I actually want:

  1. To compile without the errors i.e. how do you make use of symbols like \delta etc?

  2. How do I actually make it display like the following :

    enter image description here

  3. As depicted above, I want int and ext to be subscripts to the \delta symbols

Best Answer

You want a centered formula; so the correct way to do it is



M = \langle X, Y, S, ta, \delta_{\mathrm{int}}, \delta_{\mathrm{ext}}, \lambda \rangle


enter image description here

This is covered in any basic LaTeX manual, for example The not so short introduction to LaTeX

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