[Tex/LaTex] How to use ‘makeglossaries’


I try to make a glossary with the glossaries package. I understand that I have to run makeglossaries to display the glossary. (according to this link: "Processing the file will have to include a call to makeglossaries followed by at least one more invocation of latex.")

How do I run makeglossaries on MikTeX (Win 7)?

Some guides say I should put some commandline in the makefile. What is the makefile? seriously, I've googled this, but can't find any simple explanation. Do I need to do this?

Best Answer

The Perl script makeglossaries comes along with the glossaries package. It calls a backend (makeindex or xindy) to sort and typeset glossaries, lists of acronyms, lists of symbols etc. On the command line, you would simply type

latex mydoc
makeglossaries mydoc
latex mydoc

to include one or more glossaries in your document. Hence, makeglossaries is used similarly to the well-known bibtex program. Usually, LaTeX editors offer the possibility to run latex and bibtex via the menu or the toolbar. If this applies to your editor it shouldn't be a problem to configure it to interface with makeglossaries in the same way.