[Tex/LaTex] How to use LaTeX tables with MS Word/PowerPoint


I love LaTeX's modularity and that I can generate (w/ Stata) and \input{} tables, which makes it really easy to update my work and to keep the same analyses across papers and presentations.

But not all of my collaborators use LaTeX. Is there a way to use my LaTeX tables in Word/PowerPoint? I see that I can link to a file in PowerPoint, but can I do the same with tables? That is, is there a way to have Word/PowerPoint compile my LaTeX tables?

Is my only option write the LaTeX table to a pdf, then screen capture, then link this file? This seems very manual and eliminates the "always up to date" feature. Is there a better way to handle this?

Best Answer

To say it short: No.

Word has no inbuild tex distribution or engine to handle the LaTeX tables.

If you want to have LaTeX table in Word you can build it in LaTeX, compile it (with document class minimal or standalone) and add the resulting pdf in Word.

As far as I know is there no other way you want ...

Edit: Perhaps the best way is to show and teach your collaborators the beautiful typography of LaTeX ...

Edit: If you can include a pdf in your Word document directly depends on your used version of Word. Since Word 2010 you can do it directly (search msword include pdf file), before version 2010 not. Then you need the hints in the comments.