[Tex/LaTex] How to use “John et. al. 1990 ” citation for more than two authors


I am trying to use natbib for citation. Whenever I am trying to use more than two authors for citation instead of using "et. al. " , citation becomes number format instead of author year citation.

I am using it as

\usepackage[longnamesfirst, authoryear]{natbib} 



Best Answer

The plainnat style should work as you expect. Here's an example:


    Author = {Ivan A Sag and G Gazdar and T Wasow and S Weisler},
    Journal = {Natural Language \& Linguistic Theory},
    Pages = {117-171},
    Title = {Coordination and How to Distinguish Categories},
    Volume = {3},
    Year = {1985}}
\usepackage[longnamesfirst, authoryear]{natbib}
First mention \cite{Sag1985}. Second mention    \cite{Sag1985}


output of code

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