[Tex/LaTex] How to use Gnuplots .eps and .tex files at all with pdflatex


I tried to make a plot with data from a .txt file. The part with gnuplot works, but bringing the diagramm to Latex is frustrating. That's what I do:


set terminal epslatex size 10cm,5.8cm
set output 'Messw1.tex'
plot '~Long Filepath~/mydata.txt' notitle with lines

Now there are to files in "My Documents" (On partition C, in case it matters. TexLive 2012 and Gnuplot are on a different Partition.): "Messw1.tex" and "Messw1.eps".




    \input{~Long Filepath~/Messw1}


That's the first time in latex I have not the slightest idea, how I can make it work. 🙂
Desperately needing help!

Best Answer

Some points, that come to my mind:

  • I would wonder, whether the classic (dvi)latex, dvips, ps2pdf route works for you? This is mostly to make sure, that it is actually a pdflatex problem and not something else.
  • It sometimes can be a problem if .tex/.eps files are not in a subdir of the main document or the like. Could you copy messw1.tex, messw1.eps into the same directory as your main document and \input messw1.tex?

Alternative options

Not really answering your question now, but if you want some high quality graphs in your document, that use tex for labels, you might want to take a look at GLE.