[Tex/LaTex] How to use an align environment flush left

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Is there a way possible to imitate the align environment for math mode commands, without having all writing being placed toward the center on the output page?



\cos\theta_1 \cos\theta_2-\sin\theta_1\sin\theta_2 &= \cos(\theta_1 +\theta_2) \\
\sin\theta_1 \cos\theta_2 + \cos\theta_1 \sin\theta_2 &= \sin(\theta_1+\theta_2)


Best Answer

The amsmath package has a fleqn option which, according to the manual (texdoc amsmath) has the following effect:

Position equations at a fixed indent from the left margin rather than centered in the text column.



seems to be what you are after.

The mathtools package loads amsmath internally and passes any unknown arguments on to it. This includes the fleqn option. Thus:


also works.

Here's a comparison of the outputs. The upper one is without fleqn and the lower one with.

fleqn option