[Tex/LaTex] How to type the three dots in a product


I have to type the product of n variables, $x_1\cdot\ldots\cdot x_n$.
Although maybe this is semantically the right way (like it is for the sum), it doesn't look very well. What should be, typographically, a better way to do it?

For example:

Just the ldots as in $x_1\ldots x_n$ is confusing when there are going to be also lists of the variables separated by commas in nearby sentences.

With \dotsc like in $x_1\dotsc x_n$ maybe, but is there a better idea?

Best Answer

Use \cdots. (See also: \vdots and \ddots.)


Actually, I just read in the «Short Math Guide for LaTeX» by the AMS that:

  • \dotsc is for dots with commas,
  • \dotsb is for dots with binary operators,
  • \dotsm is for multiplication dots,
  • \dotsi is for dots with integrals,
  • \dotso is for other dots.

So, \cdots and \ldots are commonly used but the AMS convention is to use the more semantic commands.

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