[Tex/LaTex] How to start the line numbering of the listing by an arbitrary number


This is what I want:

15  <servlet>
16    <servlet-name>udpListener</servlet-name>
17    <servlet-class>oli.servlet.UdpServlet</servlet-class>
18    <!-- UDP Port fuer MSX -->
19    <init-param>
20      <param-name>udpPort</param-name>
21      <param-value>4951</param-value>  <!--Empfangsport-->
22    </init-param>
23    <load-on-startup>0</load-on-startup>
24  </servlet>

I want that line numbering starts at an number other than 1.

Best Answer

The listings package manual has an example that covers this:

for i:=maxint to 0 do
{ do nothing }