[Tex/LaTex] How to start a list on the second level


I am using the enumerate environment, and I want to have my lists start on 1.1. instead of 1., and 2.1. instead of 2. How can I hide the first level?

Best Answer

You can either add the numbering locally by using the optional argument to \item[..], or use a global change using enumitem's label=<key>.

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  \item First
  \item Second
  \item Third

  % Done with the 1. suffix; revert back to regular enumerate labelling
  \item Last

  \item[1.1.] First

  \item Second

  \item[2.2.] Third

  \item Last


\item-level changes are also possible, like in the first example above, where the labelling mechanism can be changed mid-enumerate to drop (say) the 1. suffix.

Note that using the optional argument to \item doesn't step the level counter enumi.

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