[Tex/LaTex] How to show subsubsections and paragraphs in TOC

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So we have something like:




\section{Brushless Motor Fundamentals}
\subsection{Brushless Motor Operation}
\subsubsection{DC Motor Operation}
Torque is generated in DC motors from the magnetic force,
also known as the Lorentz force, which is produced when an
electric current is passed through a coil in a magnetic field.
This force is given by $F=q[E+(v\times B)]$,
where $F$ is the force perpendicular to the coil,
$E$ is the electric field in the coil, $B$ is the magnetic field,
and $v$ is the velocity of the charged particles in the coil.
From mechanics, torque is $\tau=F\times r$.

\section{Brushless Motor Fundamentals 2}
\subsection{Brushless Motor Operation}
\subsubsection{DC Motor Operation 2}
If the electrical force is ignored and the remaining magnetic force is used,
with the assumption that $v$ is perpendicular to $B$,
we find that $\tau=qvBrsin\theta$.


How to show subsubsections and paragraphs in TOC?

Best Answer

Increase the value of tocdepth and secnumdepth. The tocdepth value determines to which level the sectioning commands are printed in the ToC (they are always included in the .toc file but ignored otherwise). The secnumdepth value determines up to what level the sectioning titles are numbered. They are LaTeX counters and you can set them using \setcounter.

The sectioning levels have the following numbers:

-1 part
0 chapter     
1 section       
2 subsection  
3 subsubsection
4 paragraph
5 subparagraph

In the document class article, \chapter doesn't exist and 0 stands for \part instead.