[Tex/LaTex] How to show line (symbol) in text


In latex how to show different types of line, in symbol form as —- and other forms, in text line.

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With TikZ you can define your own dash and dot patterns and embed the picture inline using \tikz. As none of the macros in TikZ is e-TeX protected you have to take care of that by yourself by using \protected\def or in this case \DeclareRobustCommand.

  \tikz\draw[#1] (0,0) (0,\the\dimexpr\fontdimen22\textfont2\relax)
  -- (2em,\the\dimexpr\fontdimen22\textfont2\relax);%
  \caption{One-dimensional Fourier spectra for Case A ($M =
    1.5$) at (\emph{a}, \emph{c}) near the wall, $1 - \lvert y \rvert =
    0.04$, and (\emph{b}, \emph{d}) at the centerline:
    \sampleline{}, $\rho$;
    \sampleline{dashed}, $u$;
    \sampleline{dotted}, $v$;
    \sampleline{dash pattern=on .7em off .2em on .2em off .2em}, $w$;
    \sampleline{dash pattern=on .7em off .2em on .05em off .2em}, $T$.
    (\emph{a}, \emph{b}) Streamwise;
    (\emph{c}, \emph{d}) spanwise.}

enter image description here

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