[Tex/LaTex] How to scroll through the pages of full-screen PDF viewer in TeXShop


When I put the PDF viewer into full-screen mode (for example full-screen by itself or with the editor using El Capitan's split view feature, which is actually what I want to do) I can no longer scroll through the pages of the document. To view other pages I have to open the (now hidden because of full-screen mode) toolbar and use the page up/down buttons.

Is there a way to use the full-screen split-view feature with the editor on the left and PDF on the right (or somehow dock the PDF viewer into the editor so that I can full-screen that window) and still be able to scroll through the pages in the PDF? I basically want the editor on the left and PDF on the right, with no window decoration/toolbars, etc. getting in the way, but I'm totally new to TeX so if there's another way to get this, please let me know.

Best Answer

Just so people do not have to read through the comments, the actual answer to this question is:

Right click inside the PDF viewer and select "Single Page Continuous".

Thank you @SimosNones!

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