[Tex/LaTex] How to Save the Changes of File


I am using MikTeX and TeXnicCenter.

This is intended to save the file changes. How to compile the LaTeX files, for example file.tex, to be indexed pdf files.

For the first time will be compiled into, file1.pdf. Further, if there is a file1.pdf, it will compile to file2.pdf and so on.

Best Answer

Do you really want to save all the PDF files? If you are interested in the version history of your TeX File, you could use subversion or git. Then, you have a complete history of all the tex-files and can also see the differences between the versions in a condensed form.

If you are just bothered by Acrobat Reader or Windows Explorer blocking writing access to files, think about using Sumatra-PDF or use Tex-Studio with built in PDF viewer.