[Tex/LaTex] how to rotate .eps file


I have a problem with rotation of .eps files for my dissertation. Initially, I thought it was a problem during conversion of .pdf to .eps. I tried the conversion in several ways: using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro in Windows, in Linux the following commands: inkscape input.pdf --export-eps=output.eps and pdftops -eps file.pdf. All methods give good .eps files, but when I try to rotate (90 degree rotation) them in Latex, nothing works.
I used \includegraphics[width=6.0 in,angle=90], also \special{ps: gsave -90 rotate}\......\special{ps: grestore }, and some other methods but with no luck.
Any solutions (Windows, Linux, Mac) will be appreciated.

Best Answer

Make sure you have loaded the graphicx package not graphics then


should work.

Note if it is an EPS file then you need latex (and it may not show rotated in a dvi previewer) if you are using pdflatex you should convert the EPS to pdf first (or if I read your question correctly, just use the original pdf not the EPS).

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