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This is my first work on Latex and I have problem – I downloaded a template from

Latex Template

which is a very nice template. However, until I go to page 4th (Abstract). I cannot replace Doctor of Philosophy with something else. I searched though the main file Thesis.tex and Thesis.cls but no hope. I guess it belongs to some kind of linked file.

I tried something like this possible solution but it does not work. I am using TeXstudio with MiKTeX 2.9

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Best Answer

The simplest way for modifying the phrase is to add a couple of lines to the .tex document.

I'll take the example document as a basis, you find the change between self-explaining comments:

%% ----------------------------------------------------------------
%% Thesis.tex -- MAIN FILE (the one that you compile with LaTeX)
%% ---------------------------------------------------------------- 

% Set up the document
\documentclass[a4paper, 11pt, oneside]{Thesis}  % Use the "Thesis" style, based on the ECS Thesis style by Steve Gunn
\graphicspath{{Figures/}}  % Location of the graphics files (set up for graphics to be in PDF format)

% Include any extra LaTeX packages required
\usepackage[square, numbers, comma, sort&compress]{natbib}  % Use the "Natbib" style for the references in the Bibliography
\usepackage{verbatim}  % Needed for the "comment" environment to make LaTeX comments
\usepackage{vector}  % Allows "\bvec{}" and "\buvec{}" for "blackboard" style bold vectors in maths
\hypersetup{urlcolor=blue, colorlinks=true}  % Colours hyperlinks in blue, but this can be distracting if there are many links.

%%%% We want to change the phrase `Doctor of Philosophy' in the abstract
%%%% Replace `Anything I want' with the phrase you want (even with nothing)
\patchcmd{\abstract}{Doctor of Philosophy}{Anything I want}{}{}
%%%% End of change

%% ----------------------------------------------------------------

No other change is needed.

A problem with these templates is that they use the vmargin package, which may cause issues with other packages, notably pdfpages. Another problem is the choice of colors.

enter image description here

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