[Tex/LaTex] How to remove the number of the page in latex


I am a newbie in Latex. I know there are many manuals where I can learn how to use Latex but I am facing a problem I can't manage to solve simply. The structure of my document is this:

  • title page
  • abstract
  • table of contents

The problem is that I don't want that the abstract page to have the page number at the bottom. To do this in the title page I simply used the command \pagestyle{empty} . Now if I try to do the same with the abstract page it doesn't work. Here it is the code of my document:




%%%% here there are many sentences


\pagestyle{empty} %%in order to delete the number at the bottom of the page


\pagestyle{plain}%%to insert again the number of the page


The problem is that the abstract page keeps showing the page number and I can't manage to delete it. Can you please help me?

Best Answer



It will remove the pagenumber on the page it's applied to.