[Tex/LaTex] how to remove page numbers from first page of chapters


My report requires page numbers to start from 1st chapter 1st page.
So I use


just before I do


Now I want the page counting to start from 1st page, but I dont want the page numbers to appear on the first page of each chapter.

How to do this?

Answer :
Quick (and dirty?) solution: \thispagestyle{empty} just after \chapter{...}.

Best Answer

In the report class, it's the \chapter command that selects the page style for the first chapter page:


Thus a solution is to change plain into empty, by adding the following to the document preamble:


If you don't plan to use the plain pagestyle, then a simpler


would suffice.

A similar patch should probably be made also to \part; you can get both with this alternative code that doesn't require looking at report.cls in order to find the definitions: