[Tex/LaTex] How to remove comma from authoryear citation


I am using biblatex and biber for the bibliography of my thesis and the required bibliography style resembles the one provided by authortitle. Citations are required to be in the form authoryear. I have achieved this with the style and citestyle options, as below:


There is an exception, however; some classical texts, such ass the Enneads by Plotinus, and some other philosophical works (Plato, Aristotle, etc.) are cited in the text according to abbreviated titles; thus, when first appearing, Enneads would be: (Plotinus, Enn. I.6.1), and further when explicating it, it would simply by (Enn. I.6.2) and so on. I have ALMOST managed to reach this by adding shorthand={\emph{Enn.}} and pagination={none} into the entry (in .bib), but there still remains a problem: when I use \parencite[I.6.2]{enneads}, the result is: (Enn., I.6.2), not (Enn. I.6.2).

My question: is there a simple way to remove the comma between the citation shorthand and the "pages" of the citation? Preferably something that would be added to the .bib file, maybe using the options={???}.

Best Answer

How about this? This creates a new entry option where you can specify the definition of \postnotedelim.

  author = {Plotinus},
  title = {Enneads},
  pagination = {none},
  shorthand = {\emph{Enn.}},
  options = {postnotedelim=\addspace}