[Tex/LaTex] How to put Figure at middle or at desired position on a page


How can I put a figure that spans both of the two columns text at middle or desired position of a page (not at top or bottom).





Best Answer

To illustrate Barbara Beeton's point. Note that the insert \vspace does not have to be at the precise location, but does have to be somewhere in the last line before the break.




\sbox0{% get height
\global\tempheight=\dimexpr \ht0+\dp0+2\intextsep\relax


Quisque ullamcorper placerat ipsum. Cras nibh. Morbi vel
justo vitae lacus tincidunt ultrices. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,
consectetuer adipiscing elit. In hac habitasse platea dictumst.
Integer tempus convallis augue. Etiam facilisis. Nunc elementum
fermentum wisi. Aenean placerat. Ut imperdiet, enim sed
gravida sollicitudin, felis odio placerat quam, ac pulvinar elit
purus eget enim. 
\vspace{\tempheight}% ***** insert blank space here *****
Nunc vitae tortor.  Proin tempus nibh sit amet
nisl. Vivamus quis tortor vitae risus porta vehicula.


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