[Tex/LaTex] How to put a reference at the end of the page using LaTeX


I know how to use cite and regard to literature etc. but in that case I want to do something else:

I want something like that:

 Page 1:
 bla bla bla

 bla bla
 Grade: 4.6[1]
 bla bla

 [1]: According to Russian grading system with 1: "insufficient" and 5 "excellent"
 end of page;

Does anyone know how to do that?

Best Answer

You can use the \footnote-command. As long, as you don't have your footnotes looking like the ones, you quoted ("[1|"), this should be fine to you



Some normal text, which is typeset by Mr. Drofnats, a happy small
computer.\footnote{See the \TeX-Book for more details about Mr. Drofnats}


Ending in the text and the footnote at the end of the page:

Footnotemark in text Footnote at the end of the page

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