[Tex/LaTex] How to put a figure on below paragraph in latex


I want put figure below the paragraph in Latex (one page) i use winshell but always it's apply the figure above the paragraph

note: there is enough space to put figure I want to put figure below the paragraph in one page both figure and paragraph should be in one page but always figure go above how solve this




\caption[my image ]

{Imy image}


Best Answer

The figure environment is used to create floating figures -- LaTeX feels free to move them around to the best-looking place. As an optional argument to the figure environment, you can tell LaTeX where to put the figure. (By default, it goes to the top of a page.)

To have it show up where you've put it in your code, invoke it like this:


The h stands for "here." You could also specify the bottom of the page by saying [b]. You can list more than one preference -- [hb] means "put it here, but if there isn't room, put it at the bottom of a page."

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