[Tex/LaTex] How to put a figure on below paragraph in latex


I want put figure below the paragraph in Latex (one page) i use winshell but always it's apply the figure above the paragraph

note: there is enough space to put figure I want to put figure below the paragraph in one page both figure and paragraph should be in one page but always figure go above how solve this


I put caption here !

\caption[my image]{Imy image}

Best Answer

Figures (environment figure) and tables (environment table) are floating objects. That means LaTeX tries to place them optimal in your document. The best place to print them is at the top of the page.

Use the parameter [ht] to advice LaTeX to place the figure either here (h) or at the top (t) of the (next) page: \begin{figure}[ht].

With ! you can instruct LaTeX to make the position of the graphic opposite typographical conventions. That is, the graphic will be placed preferred here. Do not use ! if possible.

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