[Tex/LaTex] How to paused a video .avi in a beamer presentation


I'm creating a presentation with beamer, where in a frame I want to put a video .avi (I would press play and pause from the frame). I have to discuss this presentation, so I need that the video is embedded in the pdf and that it can also be seen on other devices.
I tried in this way, with the movie15 package:



\frametitle{Evolutionary Dynamics of the Network}
\includemovie[poster,text={\small(Loading Video...)}]{6cm}{6cm}{timelapse_(fps_6000).avi}


The video is good but there is no way to pause after it started and maybe I will need to do it. From the manual of movie15 package I see that there is the option autopause, that switching to the next frame while the video runs this is paused, but I need to pause it manually, like a normal video. Someone has advice?
Another thing, you believe that if via a USB key, I open the pdf in the device which I will have to discuss the presentation, the video will be present anyway?

Best Answer

If videos are inserted using the media9 package, they can easily be paused by pressing the mouse button over them. They continue playing after releasing the mouse button again. If they should pause for a longer time, move the mouse pointer out of the video area while keeping the mouse button pressed.

You need to convert your video to MP4/h264 for use with media9. You can do that online, or using ffmpeg or avconv.

Minimal example using your video converted to timelapse.mp4:



\begin{frame}{Evolutionary Dynamics of the Network}

  transparent, %transparent player background
   &scaleMode=letterbox % best choice if the video doesn't fit exactly into the
                        % 6x6cm^2 area set-up by the width and height options



Additionally, you may insert a \mediabutton to play/pause the video, but this is not really necessary. See the documentation for that.