[Tex/LaTex] How to pass options to a package?


I apologize if this is a neophyte or duplicate question because I was unable to find it.

A comment on the question Problem with \leq displaying as \leqslant, mentions that "you can include mathabx with the mathx option".

How exactly does one pass the mathx option to the mathabx package, or more generally pass options to LaTeX packages?

In addition to Google, I have also experimented with each of the following, all of which resulted in error messages.


Best Answer

Per the suggestion in the comment, I wanted to clarify that the last option I tried was the correct option. The correct way is thus:


It turned out a different part of my source depended on the other symbols in the package mathabx.

I was not expecting an error on a different line, so I assumed that it was something wrong with the package parameter passing.