[Tex/LaTex] How to output a curly brace, which is interpreted only as a character?


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Writing { and } to a file with LaTeX

I want to output a curly brace, which will not be interpreted as a group delimiter. My attempt does not work:


I want that calling \aa will output }.

EDIT As egreg mentionned, my aim is to have a brace that can be later on written into a file. The proposed solution \{ outputs correctly a brace, but attempting to write it in a file fails :

\immediate\write\tempfile{blabla blabla \a blabla}

Best Answer

Just use \}

This is probably a duplicate question.

Edit: I should also say; putting a backslash \ before nearly any special character in TeX will cause LaTeX to treat it as non-special (and vice versa).

You can either use \} directly, or just put it inside the macro definition:

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