[Tex/LaTex] How to modify the LaTeXTools.sublime-settings to make it work in Windows (MiKTEX)


First, I use Windows XP and MiKTeX.

As a thoroughly new-user of LaTeX, I don't know how to modify LaTeXTools.sublime-settings to make the ST3 comply the LaTeX code. Even after reading the introduction on https://github.com/SublimeText/LaTeXTools, I try to modify the file as follows:

Firstly, in the platform_settings section:

enter image description here

secondly,in the builder_settings:

enter image description here

but it still doesn't work!

And I know the LaTeXTools.sublime-settings itself has some explanations, but I can't understand it mainly because I'm not a geek or a coder. I don't dare to modify it.

Moreover,in any cases when I tap the Ctrl+B,the complying result is always like this:

enter image description here

even without the UTF-8 (actually I don't know anything about UTF-8,but I still install the ConvertToUTF8 package)

enter image description here

Best Answer

I'm the author of the LaTeXTools plugin. Your output is very strange: when you type Ctrl-B, the plugin code isn't even run: what you are showing, for some reason, is the build output for python files!

I am afraid you may have a configuration issue with Sublime Text. Also, how did you install the plugin? Did you use Package Control? Finally, make sure that, when you open a tex file, the word "LaTeX" is displayed in the status bar (bottom part of the ST window), on the right.