[Tex/LaTex] How to mirror / flip node in Tikz


Some components in Circuitikz use nodes intead of path decorations, so transforming them with invert or mirror does not work. For example, the spdt switch in the image always has its single wire side on the left, even if the whole image is flipped using xscale=-1 as a tikzpicture environment property.

spdt switch

Example code:

\draw (5, 0) to (0, 0) node[spdt] {};

Best Answer

Nodes can be rotated using the node[rotate=90] {} property (replace 90 with the angle you want, can be negative) and flipped in a certain direction by using either node[xscale=-1] or node[yscale=-1] or both. This answer provides a list of all possible node / style attributes in Tikz.