[Tex/LaTex] How to make a cross symbol in LaTeX


I found the post on Small cross and small upside down cross symbols but this did not work for me using the default font in LaTeX. I am hoping for a way to print a special character that is a cross. Alt+0134 does not display, I already tried that. I am open to another font just for the cross (not for the entire document), but I don't know which one will display the symbol. I am most interested in how to make a cross similar to the one circled in the image below, but it would be neat to learn to make any others also.

Cross pictures

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As Alan-munn suggested "Finding out whether the font has the symbol depends on your OS. There are many tools that can display all the symbols in a font. Using a particular font for part of a document is covered here: How do I use a particular font for a small section of a document"

Any of my symbol search starts at http://detexify.kirelabs.org/classify.html and later symbols-a4.pdf. I got it from symbols-a4.pdf link.

Table 293: Other marvosym Symbols: Page 90

\Cross in \usepackage{marvosym}. It is important to note that this symbol only works in text mode.


Cross symbol

Table 248: bbding Crosses and Plusses: Page 76

\Cross  ~\CrossOpenShadow  ~\PlusOutline
 ~\Plus   ~\CrossMaltese     ~\PlusCenterOpen

Several cross symbols

Table 249: pifont Crosses and Plusses:Page 77

\ding{57}  ~\ding{59} ~\ding{61} ~\ding{63}
~\ding{58}  ~\ding{60} ~\ding{62} ~\ding{64}

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