[Tex/LaTex] How to “jump” brackets in TeXstudio


In Texmaker when you type the shortcut for \frac, you get something like \frac{*}{*}, but instead of asterisks, you have bullets. When you type something in the first pair of brackets, you can then hit tab to position the cursor between the second pair of brackets. How can I do this with TeXstudio?

Best Answer

On a Windows PC and on Ubuntu, it is Ctrl+Right arrow

On Mac OS X it is Command+Right arrow


It can be changed to Tab (), but this is by default linked to another shortcut. If you go to the Preferences, "Shortcuts" tab, open up the "Editor" and the "Basic Key Mapping" list. Scroll down until you find

Next placeholder or one word right

Double click on the shortcut and click for opening the drop down menu; there you can find Tab as in the following picture:

enter image description here

Answer "Yes" to both the following questions. Relaunch TeXStudio.