[Tex/LaTex] How to install LaTeX on Fedora 15


In order to install a framework I need to install first LaTeX on a fedora 15 machine

  • LaTeX (optional) This is used for typesetting K definitions. Besides basic
    packages, the following (texlive) packages are needed: bera, datetime, ec,
    fancybox, fancyvrb, import, marginnote, microtype, ms, pdfcomment, pgf,
    preview, stmaryrd, times, titlesec, ucs, url, xcolor, and xkeyval.

I tried searching with yum. But I wasn't able to locate the packages. Google didn't return much either.

Any ideas ?

Best Answer

Look here for an RPM packaged version of TeX Live 2010. There's also the 2011 pretest version, but it's safer to stick with the stable one.

As Alex points out the maintenance of these packages may not be always trustworthy, so it can be better to manually install TeX Live.