[Tex/LaTex] How to insert a double quote mark in TeXStudio


I want to enclose my path (contains some spaces) with double quotes.
I have tried pressing shift+' on English keyboard, but unfortunately TeXStudio translates this as two single quotes.

Shortly speaking, how to insert a double quote mark in TeXStudio?

Update: TeXMakerX has changed its name to TeXStudio.

Best Answer

In the Shortcuts panel of "Configure TexMakerX" expand the Editor tab and the Special Key replacements; then either delete the row for the double quote or add one and pick a rarely used key (I used ยง): insert it in the first space, and insert " in the second and third.

Update for TeXStudio 2.3: In TeXStudio 2.3, there is no special key replacements option in the Editor tab. Instead, you need to click User > User Tags > Edit User Tags.