[Tex/LaTex] How to \input or \include files from different directories


My folder structure looks like that:

enter image description here

While putting the chapters into the base file Report.tex works completely fine I get trouble when I try to insert the graphics into the chapters.

For example: How can I put the file Image_1 into Chapter_1.tex? As you can see the target file Image_1 is located in a neighboured directory of Chapter_1.tex.

Some command in Chapter_1.tex like…


… leads to the error "! LaTeX Error: File `../Graphics/Image_1' not found."

Minimum Working Examples (MWE):

For file Report.tex in root directory:








For file Chapter_1.tex in subdirectory Chapters:

\chapter{First chapter}



For file Image_1.tex in subdirectory Graphics:


Do you have any ideas how to cross-input files from parallel directories? Thank you very much!

Best Answer

Files that are \input need to use a path relative to the root file (the one containing \documentclass) not to the included file, so you need to use


instead of


It's probably simpler to use \graphicspath in the root file so you don't have to worry about the paths:


or if you have sub-directories within Graphics:


then you just need to use

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