[Tex/LaTex] How to include erratum-ibid in a BibTeX entry


When an error is discovered in a scientific paper, it is customary for the author to write a correction paper, which is then cited together with the original reference using the "erratum-ibid" figure.
What is the "proper" way of using erratum-ibid in a BibTeX entry?
An example reference should look like this:

N. J. Poplawski, Phys. Lett. B694 (2010) 181-185, Erratum-ibid. B701 (2011) 672.

Best Answer

Biblatex directly supports what you're asking about via the related and relatedstring fields. An example would be, after modifying Christian Hupfer's solution, what I have below. You can change relatedstring to anything you like. Note that when you just cite gani-1955, the bibliography looks like what I've shown below. If you cite both gani-1955 and gani-corrigenda-1955, then you get what's in the picture plus a bibliography entry for gani-corrigenda-1955 itself (including the author and year info missing from the picture).

\usepackage[style=authoryear-ibid, autocite=footnote]{biblatex}
    author  = {Gani, J.},
    title   = {Some Theorems and Sufficiency Conditions for the Maximum-Likelihood Estimator of an Unknown Parameter in a Simple {Markov} Chain},
    journal = {Biometrika},
    date    = {1955-12-01},
    volume  = {42},
    issue   = {3/4},
    pages   = {342--359},
    doi     = {https://doi.org/10.1093/biomet/42.3-4.342},

    related = {gani-corrigenda-1955},
    relatedstring={Corrected in},

    author  = {Gani, J.},
    title   = {Corrigenda},
    journal = {Biometrika},
    date    = {1956-12-01},
    volume  = {43},
    issue   = {3/4},
    pages   = {497--498},
    doi     = {10.1093/biomet/43.3-4.497},

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