[Tex/LaTex] How to include an oscilloscope in the circuitikz circuit diagram


I'd like to include an oscilloscope symbol in my circuitikz diagram, like this:


I looked around, and it doesn't seem like there is one built in. Is it possible to get something like this into circuitikz?

Best Answer

This may serve as a starting point. The proposal defines a myscope macro taking two arguments that draws an existing element sV, colors it white, then draws a triangular curve on it.

enter image description here



\newcommand{\myscope}[2] % #1 = name , #2 = rotation angle
{\draw[thick,rotate=#2] (#1) circle (12pt)
 (#1) ++(-0.35,-0.1) -- ++(0.3,0.3) --++(0,-0.3)-- ++(0.3,0.3) --++(0,-0.3);

\draw (0,2) to[L, l_=$L$, o-*] (2,2) to[sV, color=white, name=S1] (3.5,2) to[short,*-] (5,2);
\draw (0,0) to[short, o-*] (2,0) to[short, -*] (3.5,0) to[short] (5,0);
\draw (2,2) to[C=$C$] (2,0);
\draw (3.5,2) to[R=$R$] (3.5,0);
\draw (5,2) to[sV, color=white, name=S2] (5,0);